Media Relations

Securing media coverage is a significant component of all of our campaigns. Because of the diverse group of clients we work with, we have strong relationships with key features, tech, lifestyle, entertainment, food, travel, and business editors on local and national levels.

Social Media

We execute social media campaigns that engage our clients’ audiences and ultimately broaden their reach. And by talking with—not at—these audiences, we help our clients to convey their brand’s personalities in authentic ways, build communities and, over time, develop influence and trust.

Event Planning

From high-profile product launches to intimate dinner parties with top-tier journalists, we plan events that generate awareness for our clients’ brands and introduce them to the marketplace in memorable ways. And while we love a great party as much as anyone, we’re also protective of our clients’ budgets and always consider the value of the event to the overall campaign.

Visual Media

As online marketing videos become increasingly powerful, we’re regularly coming up with creative ways to incorporate them into our clients’ campaigns. We come up with original video concepts that echo our clients’ brand identities, be it sophisticated, educational, stylish, hilarious, or all of the above. And we can manage every facet of the process, from production to licensing content.

Positioning & Branding

We always consider the big picture—the brand. Every time we call a journalist with a story idea or write a blog post or tweet on a client’s behalf, we make sure we’re keeping with the larger narrative of the brand. And we particularly love being a part of the brand-defining process, helping our clients to shape their identities verbally and visually.

Media Training

What good is an interview with the media if you’re not conveying the strongest and most effective messages about your brand?  We provide media training for clients to ensure that everything they say to a journalist, blogger, editor, or television host is clear, concise, on-message, and reflects what’s truly valuable and newsworthy about their brands. We work with clients to craft the perfect sound bite, deliver key points and ultimately ready them to successfully handle anything encountered during an interview.